10 Gadgets You Never Knew Existed

We know that all gadgets have a purpose. From smartphones to laptops, they’ve become essential in our everyday lives. But what about those extra features you never knew existed? 

What about those little tidbits of information you didn’t know because you don’t own the gadget? Don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of 10 gadgets with unique features that you might not have been aware of. These are the gadgets that will make your life just a bit easier and a lot more fun.

10. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is a great option for a high-quality but inexpensive phone. The phone has an 8MP camera and a 3.3-inch display – perfect for selfies. 

The phone also has a removable battery, a 16GB internal memory, and an expandable memory of up to 64GB. It’s a great option for those who want a good-quality phone without the expensive price tag.

9. DAB Motors Concept-E

Driving can be hectic, especially when you have kids in the car. It’s not just the driving that’s stressful, but also the loading and unloading of children. DAB Motors has designed a concept car that makes it easy for kids to get in and out of the car, decreasing the stress of driving for parents.

The car’s interior is designed for children with larger seats, cup holders, and an extra-large door to make it easier for them to get in and out with their bags. The best part? The doors open vertically to make it easier for kids to get in.

8. Zephyr PRO RGB sweat-proof gaming mouse

The Zephyr PRO RGB sweat-proof gaming mouse is made for the ultimate gamer. The mouse has a USB connection, 11 programmable buttons, and a lightweight design to make it easy for users to maneuver. It’s also got a high-quality optical sensor that works on most surfaces but performs best on hard surfaces. You can pick up the Zephyr PRO RGB sweat-proof gaming mouse at the low price of $59.00.

7. SRS-NB10 Wireless Neckband Speaker

The neckband speaker is designed with long battery life and a clip that makes it easy to attach to your clothing. This gadget is great for various reasons, but it’s also a great choice because it’s wireless. 

Whether you have a part-time job or just enjoy relaxing at home, this gadget is perfect for your everyday needs. It’s lightweight and portable, so you never have to worry about anything weighing you down.

6. FLEXOUND Pulse™

The FLEXOUND Pulse™ provides audio feedback in the form of vibrations, which guides you through your workout. This audio feedback can be heard through headphones, so you can leave your phone behind. This way, you’ll never miss an audio cue again.

The audio feedback is also personalized to your workout, so it can adjust to your preferences. This means it will adjust audio cues’ volume, intensity, and tempo-based on how you prefer to train.

5. NightWatch Magnifying Clock Dock for Apple Watch

NightWatch is a clock dock for Apple Watch that doubles as a magnifying glass. The dock has a built-in light so it can be use as a nightlight or check on your watch. 

It also has a sidelight that can for reading in the dark. The dock itself is even illuminated, so you can see the time at night.

4. LG Signature OLED R

The LG Signature OLED R is a TV with a 4K OLED display. It’s the first TV to have Dolby Atmos installed. If you have this TV, you can expect to have a cinematic experience. The Dolby Atmos technology has 13 speakers to help give you the best audio experience possible.

With the LG Signature OLED R, you’ll get to enjoy up to 120 fps with fluid motion. This TV is perfect for gamers or anyone looking to enjoy an action-packed movie.

3. LARQ UV self-cleaning water bottle

LARQ is a water bottle that’s meant to be used using a UV light. This makes it easier for users to clean the bottle by themselves. The water bottle has a high-quality stainless steel design, and an anti-leak technology for added safety features.

You can also use the LARQ UV self-cleaning water bottle when you’re on the go. Just push a button and it will automatically open, so you can pour your drink quickly and easily.

2. ATN X-Spotter HD

The ATN X-Spotter HD is an HD night vision monocular. In order to give you a better look at whatever you’re viewing in the dark. The night vision monocular works in daylight, giving you an opportunity to look around without being spotted.

Even though it’s monocular, it’s still very powerful. It has 3x magnification power, and an adjustable lens cap. This allows you to use the monocular under any condition. The battery should last for up to three days on a single charge, making this gadget easy to use both long-term and short-term.

1. Bluetooth wireless headband

The Bluetooth wireless headband is an affordable option for those who want to browse the internet without holding their handsets. The headband has a USB, audio, and Bluetooth connection. It’s also got an air cushion that keeps the headband comfortable, making it great for long-term use.

The headband has a built-in microphone, so you can easily take calls without having to remove the gadget. It’s even got two speakers attached to each side of the headband for added functionality.

It’s ideal for those who use tablets or smartwatches to browse the internet because it leaves your hands free for other activities. The headband can fit users with glasses, so you won’t have to worry about discomfort.

Final Thoughts

Technology is becoming more powerful and more accessible every day. Because of this, we’re able to enjoy innovative products that make our lives easier and better. Most gadgets these days are made with features that people never thought would exist.

The gadgets found on this list are some of the best gadgets that can make your life easier. They’re affordable enough to fit most budgets without breaking the bank. The products on this list are also unique because they’ll change how you use everyday items. 

Some of our favorite gadget brands include Zephyr, Blackweb, and Larq, which you can find on Amazon.com. Leave a comment and let us know what else we should be including on this list.

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